Linda McConnell

My Mission Statement:    Helping you achieve your real estate dreams while having fun along the way.


       Selling homes, land and commercial property in Texas since 1993, and in Arkansas for 7 years prior to that has been a joy and an adventure.  Finding and selling beautiful land with hills, trees, creeks and ponds is my favorite part of real estate, but I also enjoy helping people find that just right place they want to come home to every day and feel all is right with their world.  The world of real estate has changed dramatically in the last 30 years with most sales now originating with an internet search, making the process both faster and in some ways less personal.  But sometimes the property you are looking for just is not on the market, so in that case I will still go knock on doors to help find your perfect place just for you.  Most of my clients call me “my favorite Realtor.”

        Development properties have been a favorite part of my business since 1994.  In many cases I sold the land to the developer, helped lay out the plats, and then listed and sold the properties.  The developments I’ve worked on include:

        Lakes Hills Estates, Van Alstyne

        Hackberry Heights, Van Alstyne

        Mathews Farms, Gunter

        Maples Ranch, Gunter

        Forest Hills, Whitewright

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